Ken White

Former President, Carmel School Board
Former Mayor, Carmel-by-the-Sea

“I am very supportive of Anne-Marie as a candidate for our Carmel School Board. Anne-Marie has a depth of experience in our Carmel Schools, including as a former longtime teacher in the CUSD, as a volunteer in our community, and in developing new programs for our children’s benefit.”

Vicki Briesacker

Retired Site Director, Cachagua Children’s Center

“Anne-Marie Rosen serves as a volunteer tutor for the K-12 students at Cachagua Children’s Center. She also hosted lunch time gatherings for the Cachagua students in her high school classroom. The students appreciate her help and she makes them feel special. As a former Site Director of Cachagua Children’s Center I counted on Anne-Marie because she was supportive of the students and the community of Cachagua/Tassajara.”

David Chaney

“I taught for 36 years in the CUSD. I am excited to endorse Anne-Marie Rosen for the CUSD school board. She will advocate professionally for students, parents and faculty.”

Bernadette Weller

Special Education Instructional Aide (retired)
Carmel Unified School District

“For over five years I witnessed Anne-Marie Rosen’s positive impact on Carmel High students in her ‘Consumer Math’ class. It encompassed subjects essential for life post-high school, including rent and mortgage payments, checking and savings accounts, household budgets, tax returns and others. Her classroom was characterized by a pervading respect for students and gentle encouragement for them. Anne-Marie Rosen would be a wonderful addition to the Carmel School Board.”

Jose Ponce

Assistant Manager
Nepenthe Phoenix Corporation

“Anne-Marie Rosen played an important role for the Big Sur community during the road closure of 2017. Rosen was here for our community when we needed her the most. She was able to provide students, from kindergarten to high school level, with the education and attention they needed during this difficult time. Her actions showed how much she cares for our students and how she is willing to put in the effort for students’ growth and education. Her selflessness and drive make her a great candidate for our community and our children.”

My name is Francesco Maisano and I graduated from Carmel High School as an exchange student from Lodi, Italy, in 2015.

During my year at Carmel High I had the pleasure to meet many wonderful people among fellow classmates, faculty and staff members, but before I left Italy never would I have guessed that my new math and economics teacher was set to become the person with the most powerful impact on my experience. That was Ms. Rosen.

Not only did Ms. Rosen follow me step by step in my academic education throughout the year, but she also made sure to enrich every single one of my days at Carmel High in so many colorful ways. She opened her house to me and other students, and helped me embrace the American culture like few others could. These to me were all signs of dedication, patience and generosity that rarely had I encountered even in my own culture.

However, what struck me even more was to witness that the impression that I was left with was shared by everyone who came across Ms. Rosen and her charisma. Walking into her classroom you could sense the respect students had for her and the same applied to interactions with her colleagues. Also, it did not take long for me to understand how profoundly she knew not only the school and its dynamics, but also the entire Carmel area, in which she obviously has a very vast network.

For these reasons, when Ms. Rosen informed me of her intention to run for a position on the Carmel School Board, I was thrilled to hear about it for the many good things I am certain she will do for the District, and I honestly cannot think of a better candidate. The District will benefit incredibly with her on its board.”

– Francesco Maisano


I was Department Chair of the math department at Carmel High School during the period of time Anne-Marie Rosen was employed there, and for most of that time, I shared a classroom with her. As a result, I feel qualified to testify as to her quality as a teacher and a person. Anne-Marie was one of the most gifted teachers I encountered in my 35 years of working in math education. She was totally knowledgeable in the subject matter and pedagogy, but more than that she knew how to relate to all of the different kinds of students with whom she interacted on a daily basis. She often offered to take on the most challenging classes of students, and she achieved remarkable results. She was empathetic, energetic, and extremely creative. Although at the point in time when we shared a classroom I was the more veteran of the two of us, I often learned valuable techniques from her and was always amazed at her patience and skill as a teacher. I believe that it can be very valuable to have the viewpoint of an educator represented on a school board, and so I enthusiastically recommend Anne-MarieRosen for a position on the CUSD Board of Education.

– John Durein
Former teacher and math department chair at Carmel High School

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Endorsements (partial list)

  • Lu Portman
  • Sandra Heath
  • Ryan Melcher
  • Jacqueline Carlin
  • Cory Alaga
  • Ryan Walker
  • Cliff Roman
  • Abraham Curiel
  • Jose Ponce
  • Santana Ponce
  • Daniel Morales
  • Timothy Avial
  • Kristen Hocevar
  • Emily Schultz
  • Mary and Steve Schultz
  • Susan Hocevar
  • Valerie Pratt
  • Mel Verga
  • Collette Rifflart
  • Jon Westcott
  • John and Nancy Bennetts
  • Allison Bennetts
  • Mary Sue Keeble
  • Michael Guardino
  • Dave and Jane Chaney
  • Larry and Kate Mone
  • Linda Ferrasci
  • Felicia Fisher
  • Brent Carlson
  • Lewis and Sandra Leader
  • Cindy Thatcher
  • Matt Allaire
  • Julie Courtney
  • Frank Kelly
  • Florence Buchenroth
  • Peter and Lois Dew
  • Loren Walden
  • Amy Amodt
  • Ava Lallos
  • Jenn Foreman
  • Kim Martin
  • Trevor Grant
  • Josh Hernandez
  • Omar Perez Sandoval
  • Paul Lillis
  • Samara Leader
  • Jenefee Bruce
  • Don Perry
  • Allison Bennetts
  • Zack Schneider
  • Jason Griffin
  • Rich Briscoe
  • Jim Tunney, Former MPC Board Member
  • Alan Perlmutter
  • Larry and Ellen Wallace
  • Juanita Perea

  • John Durein
  • Nathan Mintz
  • MaryLou Gomez
  • Mayra Gomez
  • Paige Blossom
  • Chip and Ada Powers
  • Ral Powers
  • John and Meredith Powers
  • Bill and Heather Rammel
  • Leslie and Stuart Pressman
  • Maren Elwood
  • Debbie and Steve Heron
  • Susan and Richard Rosen
  • Alan Crockett
  • Susie and Charly Franklin
  • Susan Schwartz
  • Olgo Vorobiov
  • Hugo and Lorraine Gerstl